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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 04 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 04 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 04 Results

Getting there. Lots of work to do, still. Found I need to get back to basics (again.)


  • Written words (non-published) – Fiction: 5204
  • Published words (free) – 4769
  • Published words (paid) – 5204 (see notes below)
  • Subscribers – Aweber: 1, Mailerlite: 0, MailChimp: 0, Rainmail (own site): 2
  • Book sales – 0 (1st book published this week, but nothing sold as yet.)

Overview: Nothing Gives Nothing

Essentially, I don’t have any program working to give me subscribers, and I haven’t published anything to a paid platform. The non-published words are there as a record. While the copy I wrote was fine, they are simple narratives, and not decent dramatic stories. I thought I’d get further with publishing this week, but the one book I did get out (which had a prologue and a new ending tacked onto a public domain work) took longer than expected. Research to write something was unexpected, and a lesson in itself. I didn’t count the PD work as original fiction published. Still, it’s another week done.
(Update: after writing this whole thing, I see the main problem is having an opt-in to send people to for my pen-name fiction. Means making the list and the form – a few minutes work overall. Nice to find.)

Resolved – Back to Basics

Still continuing on my training (two workshops with D. W. Smith, plus digging through my stack of references.)
But it was obvious last week, and painfully obvious this week that I needed to get fiction published, and published to paid sites. The main points of this challenge are these:
Develop the habits of writing fiction daily, promoting paid fiction daily, reading fiction daily.
I don’t have a problem writing non-fiction, or getting it sold. The trick is to focus in on fiction writing. The key point of this whole year-long test is to simply test these concepts of writing and selling fiction. What I’ve distilled to this point is that fiction is the fastest way to build a real income online. And I have a book (again, yet unpublished: “Still Feeding the Beast?”) where I lay out just how to crack into this scene.
I’ll start publishing this book in parts during this next week, along with building the course for it. Means I’ll start recording audio on a daily basis.

Promotion as Publishing

One key point is that you promote stuff that’s published. Too obvious, perhaps. But you don’t edit during your writing or reading time. Your reviewing and editing and publishing is done during your promotion time. This just refines the principles we have – wRiting, pRomoting, Reading – the three R’s.
I did check into some areas to invest in:
Instafreebie – mainly having a set of books and being part of other collections. See:  That’s the simple way to do this. Get in on other’s setting these up, which are basically having your book in a collection and promoting that collection when it goes live. By telling your own list about this, and the other authors doing this as well, then you get their emails onto your list. Instafreebie then promotes these as well with their mailings and via their app.
You should be tweeting out with their @address to get their attention. The core material on how to use Instafreebie is at: and their main sequence:
The secret again is to have a backlist of books you can send people to in addition to the one you are giving away for free. As well, I need to set up a list for fiction works so that my production can send bi-weekly announcements out to this list about these new works. This is separate from any list I have about how to write better and my self-improvement lists. A completely different mailing, while you also enable people to join these other lists in both cases.
The point is to be producing published material every week, again. Fiction published for pay. The reason to pay Instafreebie is to use them and get your money’s worth. – Started getting their paid email options this week. And the first thing out of the gate was that I didn’t have a PR page on my site (or one that was any decent) to tell about me and my books. Something I can send to people when they want to interview me.
One of the surprises was that someone was putting together one of those seminars where you see all these “experts” you’ve never heard of with their own webinar they show. (Yes, I mostly ignore these as well, once I’d bought into a few of them.) That said, I did buy in for a few and got onto their lists. And so others out there would buy into my list if I had such a thing as a webinar.
The resources are, of course, the non-fiction books I’ve already made into courses. But I have to transmorgrify these over into that new format and host them on my site somewhere – again, so I could send the link to someone so they could accept me on their promoted webinar. Of course, if you are on such a seminar, you are supposed to promote it to your list. This is networking and simply a way to help others. Of course, I would then need to start segmenting my list to find the people who open such offers and email them separately from my other newsletter.
Means I’m going to work emails into my promotions much more. Not like I didn’t see this coming…
RadioGuestList also offers an additional site, which is a directory for guests.
You fill out their application and pay an additional fee (monthly.) This matches into that point above about having a PR page on your site. See:
These two will wind you up north of $40 per month and look to be the basic promotion to get started for any author starting out.

From Last Week’s List:

HARO – been opening these emails 3x a day. Nothing really appealing yet.
Medium still needs more work. This goes into the organizing parts I laid out above. A PR page and Webinar built.
Podcasting – still on a backburner, but I’m losing site traffic with these, so probably this week?
Others coming up – Wattpad, plus LibraryThing and Goodread giveaways.
Wattpad is to get your content out to the über-readers. The best way to do this is to send out original fiction in a serial format, with certain days to publish. That way, like Dickens, you develop an audience. This has been backburner until I have enough to ship. Last night, I re-discovered my two NaNoWriMo novels, which can be split up and sent. So those are in the queue to get built up.
LibraryThing/Goodreads giveaways would be next. I’m not one for spending time in forums to get known, but these two and Wattpad are the places you go to get your book into the hands of über-readers (people who read a novel a day or more.) This is who you want buying your books on Amazon so that their recommendations go out to those types of readers. (Thanks to Chris Fox for pointing this out.)
There are two other places to figure out how to get giveaways going, and – but that’s more homework. Same general principle. I just don’t see places to submit while I’m writing this. Bookriot Insiders club is another paid service, but you can see how the über-readers would want to get into such a scene. Again, more research needed.
Two other sites showed up, that I’d forgotten about – and – both have ways to get your books promoted. More on these later. (I’m signed up for both of them, and haven’t been taking advantage of their offers – too busy researching and writing…) That last one has more networking possibilities. Look for a Networking post soon.

Six Items For This Week:

  • Get the habit of daily fiction writing, weekly fiction publishing (paid) in. Set up new back page opt-in for a fiction pen-name list. (Set up that list.)
  • PR page for RadioGuestList use – and then use it.
  • Start recording daily, to get my backlog of audiobooks caught up. This is another proof for all writing. Write in am, edit/proof/publish in afternoon, read in evening.
  • Start submitting fiction to Wattpad, as lined up above.
  • Organize Medium articles and pre-schedule these for publication, both paid and free.
  • Get podcasts pre-scheduled for this next year.

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