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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 05 Results

Great Fiction Writing Challenge Week 05 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 05 Results

Ooh. Lots of writing, but not the kind I would prefer to be doing.


  • Written words – Fiction:398, Non-Fiction: 10351
  • Published words (free) – 10351
  • Published words (paid) – 44843
  • Subscribers – Aweber: 0, Mailerlite: 2, MailChimp: 0, Rainmail (own site): 3
  • Book sales – 0 (again, nothing new published, so nothing to sell.)
I pushed out 8 non-fiction blog posts in 7 days. And I finally got a book published I’d been sitting on. True, it was non-fiction, but it’s the manual for this year’s production. (OK, that’s probably cheating a bit if I have to justify it.) The main thing is to start getting stuff out.

By stuff, I mean fiction work. So, I promise to do better next week.
The key point is that I worked out a lot of technical details like how to do good quality audiobooks, which has been hanging the fiction work I have. The other thing you’ll see in those articles is that I’ve gotten all my research done (that huge virtual stack of books) and left you with just 10 books I recommend to get started with. Those books can take you from worrying about your sentence structure to routine genre fiction production.
One key point that came up this week was getting a separate device (computer) to do your fiction writing on. Mine will still be in the same room, but it will be opposite my business computer, so I can just sit and write as a disciplined habit. Do a couple thousand words in the am and be done with it. Then turn around after lunch and edit/proof/record it into shape – and publish.
Do read these articles. They have some great tips and forward motion for both of us.
The only real three areas to deal with next will be posting to Medium, working with Wattpad/Goodreads/LibraryThing, sorting out bundles on Instafreebie, and getting radio/podcast interviews. But I’m not going to work on all of these at once. This research is going to have to be slotted in the afternoons. Because I found that if I’m working on non-fiction research just before bed, I will be working on it when I first get up in the am again.
I need to be reading myself to sleep (or staying up to finish one more chapter…) and then sitting right dwn to some inspired writing the next am.
One idea that came to me was to publish a weekly magazine of this writing, plus maybe some classic pulp fiction stories. Even any good article of helpful tips I’ve written that week.
As each of my pen names has enough to make a nice collection, then I’ll publish those by pen names.
Of course, if you’re subscribed, you get free copies of these…

To do this next week coming:

  • Get 7 days of fiction writing done. And all that plus my backlogged fiction writing published.
  • Start catching up on my recording backlog, and get these submitted to Findaway at standalone books.
I’ve otherwise got some house-keeping chores to get done outside of this challenge. Non-fiction publishing and all that. (Some books got dumped by one aggregator and I have to start getting them pushed over to another one.)
With my audio setup, I hope to get these all up as a podcast for you. That will help turning this all into a course later on.
But for this week, we’ll keep it simple for now.
See you next week…
PS. That new book “How to Stop Feeding the Beast” is available on Amazon as a pre-order…
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