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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 12 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge - Week 12 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 12 Results

The amazing subscriber breakthrough. Thanks to Instafreebie and Draft2Digital. All in addition to the continued writing and publishing, helping this juggernaut to develop…


Published words –
– free – 0
– paid – 5713
– free – 9288
– paid – 0
Subscribers – Aweber: 3, Mailerlite: 38, MailChimp: 0, Rainmail: 29, = 70
Instafreebie – 60

Consolidated Subscribers
– Start – 199
– End – 283
– Net – 84
Book sales – Amazon -0, PublishDrive – 0, StreetLib – 0, Draft2Digital – 2: Total – 2

Posts this week:

Books published this week:


Instafreebie and Draft2Digital

Instafreebie research took a bit part of my time toward the end of the week. It’s a remarkable site. Along with Draft2Digital, they are doing more for author’s book discovery than any other sites out there.
With a little research of these two, you can inter-link them to give the best possible way for your readers to subscribe and then to find your backlinks.
Next for me will be to update my redirect links so that I can simply send them to the Draft2Digital author page and a separate one for the Instafreebie author page. A subscriber should find the other backlinks, and any buyer should become a subscriber by getting free downloads. Simple.
Instafreebie doesn’t recommend you force buyers to opt-in to your mailing list in order to get their books. And as a reader, I prefer this. That said, there should be a way for any reader to subscribe. I make this possible in every book with a blurb in the back.
And as I’ve covered in that article above, giving away Draft2Digital versions of your ebooks gives updated links in the back where they can find your backlist.
The Books2Read links to the author pages give a great way to simply find related books – and buy them at their favorite retailer. Without Amazon forcing other books on them (along with other wierd stuff and ads.)
So having D2D books inside Instafreebie gives extra discoverability to your backlist.

A Big Jump in Subscribers

Instafreebie paid off pretty well. There are mixed metrics on exactly how many books that have been claimed there. On one page, I had 60 people opt-in. On the main book page, I can find different stats…
  • Ghost Hunters had 206 copies claimed
  • When the Cities Died had 133 copies claimed
  • Cats Typing Romance had 23 copies claimed
That’s the difference between people who have gotten the book and who actually opted in. (And there is also a difference between the 60 opted-in and the 24 that actually got to my list. So I have to do a manual export/import to get all 60 showing up.)
When I finished importing everything, I wound up with a net increase of 94 subscribers. This is the key difference between AWeber and Mailerlite. The former says that I would have imported a couple of hundred subscribers as they count every person every way they came in. The latter says I just added data to many of the subscribers I already had. AWeber says you have separate lists. Mailerlite says you have one list and different groups they belong to.
Additionally, since I started off with a massive scrape of everyone from older lists, Mailerlite has a record of who unsubscribed earlier and won’t re-add them.
Even with having to add manually, this is still a huge jump. Instafreebie is starting to earn its keep for sure. Again, see my articles on this (here and here.)
(MailChimp is officially dead and I may not bother reporting from them anymore. AWeber will disappear the next time they try to bill me for services.)
Note: I’ll still do my weekly search and nuke of people who don’t open anything. As I’m now posting weekly and many are on several groups, this will weed out people quickly if they aren’t going to open emails. There is no sense having people clutter up the list. Later, when I get above 1,000 subscribers, then I’ll be paying monthly for people who don’t open things. Getting this scrutiny in as a habit will save me in the long run. The line they cross? Five emails delivered and 0% opened.


I went to one of my Facebook pages today. What a screaming bad user experience! Flooded with tons of suggestions about how to improve my page and spend money promoting my posts there. The only reason I went was to simply find the facebook link to post to the various pen name’s author pages. In hindsight, it probably isn’t such a good idea. Mainly because I would have to spend some time working up this page to make it usable. We’ll we’ll leave it for now. And the next time I go into those author pages, I’ll delete that link. If you haven’t guessed it from the horrible press they got this week, Facebook is a dying dinosaur that is thrashing around in pain, stomping on everything it can. I only syndicate content there and visit one page without signing in – because that’s a local livestock auction and is all the website they have. Again, this pushes me to find the social media I should be on, the four horsemen: Medium, Wattpad, Goodreads, and Library Thing. More to come, scheduled for this week…

New Additions to This Report

Keeping You Posted on Articles

I added that over the past couple of posts, as it shows what I am posting in addition to writing and publishing fiction. And gives you an idea of how I’m running this as a business. New articles should bring more traffic. That seems to be showing up in Rainmail subscribers.
The Nightingale articles are for my established lists, somewhat as filler to give everyone something valuable each week. They aren’t original text for me, but are useful data and help grow the site itself.

Added Books Published

This is a new category, so you can follow along with my progress in publishing.
The two priority metrics are
  • Subscribers
  • Words Published.
So now you can see the entire scene as it develops into sales.

Upcoming Work

I just checked my to-do list from last week and see that I did pretty well on everything.
There’s nothing much to do with Instafreebie now, other than check daily on authors wanting to subscribe. Just keeping everything updated is still only minutes per day. Checking these weekly will give me the data I need. It will heat up again once my first Group Giveaway starts up.
I do need to get into Nick Stephenson’s FB group to network more there. This might give me more books to add to those giveaways. Probably ought to update my Free Books page so people are taken directly to the giveaway page in order to join.
With the third part of Ghost Hunters published, this can become a paperback through Lulu.
And there is the nagging point of getting my books to propagate through the D2D publishing system. (One is hung up on capitalization, another on matching covers with interiors. As Clint Eastwood said: “Nag, nag, nag.”)
I do have a couple of stories pushing me to write this week. It might be the week to expand my production. It depends on research for the Four Uber-Reader Social Horsemen, as covered above and scheduled for this week. After that, I dive deep into media interviews.
Speaking of which, I intend to move this weekly report over into a podcast series. The way to speed this is to make it adlib instead of reading outloud. Just do an outline and start talking about each point. With this much time since I started, we’ll have a fair bit of perspective as well. At the end of the year, it will be turned into a full course on its own, but that will be with the lessons distilled from my efforts.
Overall, when I get the Four Horsemen and the Media Interviews sorted out, that will be the last of the planned promotion work for these books. Build these up and let them run for the next quarter. At the half-way point, I’ll decide if I need to start running ads. The main drawback is having to track these daily. I’m already seeing that I need to check Instafreebie daily. And the Four Horsemen will also have daily time requirements. Adding FB/AMS ads to that mix (with their costs/investments) will take more time. That tends to make me write in a certain slot daily, which isn’t always compatible with farm work and other life demands. So… we’ll see.
I need to actually make all the short stories I have on LiveSensical to be member-only. Because elsewhere, they are paid. I should at least get a mailing list subscription from putting them up.

To Do This Week:

  1. A “welcome” autoresponder notice to new Instafreebie subscribers. Set this up on automatic to them.
  2. Another fiction short story ebook written and published. Possibly two.
  3. Paperback published for the Ghost Hunter collection.
  4. Check D2D to make sure my books are propagating.
  5. Set all free short stories to member only on site.
  6. Research and publish for the Four Uber-Reader Social Horsemen.
  7. Two C. C. Brower novellas and one J. R. Kruze novelette need to get published…

Special Note:

This is now officially the quarter-year mark. So I owe you an analysis of where we’ve come to by this time. That we’ll do for next week. Should be a fun little retrospective. Probably need to have it as a stand-alone post.
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