Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Books2Read Link Tip – Draft2Digital Book Sales

Boooks2Read Link Tip - Draft2Digital Book Sales

Books2Read Link Tip – Draft2Digital Book Sales

To get more/better book sales, here’s a simple tip for you.

This is for authors who are going wide with Draft2Digital and their Books2Read (free) service.

You want to send your readers to the most optimal experience. Having a cover and description would be the best way to send people there.

The trick is that there are three links now on Books2Read to send them to.

  1. This link will send you to the backend page where you can add more book outlet links. Not good for your reader.
  2. This link (calm.li/Marpel-HauntedGhost – called “Book Tab”) will send your reader to where they can find your cover, book description, and other books by that author. Ideal reader experience. Also has an impressive BUY NOW button (see below.)
  3. This link (calm.li/HauntedGhost-BookOutlets) simply sends your reader to their preferred book outlet (same as the Buy Now button above.)

Here’s what the Book Tab for “The Haunted Ghost” looks like.

The Haunted Ghost Best Reader Experience

That page scrolls down (see this link for working page) and you then get the full description. But you also see that this brilliant design has all the links a person would need to make up their mind to go ahead and buy the book. Plus it gives the related books, plus it takes you to the author page, which also has all the books by that author.

You can see that this is much better for your readers than sending them to Amazon to buy. Because not all readers want to buy from Amazon and Books2Read will send them to their preferred default book outlet (providing your book is actually there.) They don’t see a lot of other books offered than that one author, or ads for dis-related things entirely – no ads at all, actually. Nice.

(That little man standing there under the “Follow This Author” button is a link to the Instafreebie page for that author – so they can get free versions and sign up for the mailing list – click here to see that in action. When you log into Books2Read you can edit these pages directly.)

This is my suggestion of how to get the best integration of Bookt2Read and Instafreebie to your readers, and getting them to join your list. You also see the Bit.ly links in action I’ve been talking about in the last two posts. Meaning I can track clicks off this blog post to see how effective this article is in sending traffic.

(Note: Books2Read, Draft2Digital, and Instafreebie are all free for you to use to get started as an author.)

When I saw how many links, and that I’d been sending them to the wrong one (few to no conversions) then I knew I had to lay this out in graphics for you.

Have fun with this…

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