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Giveaway: Would You Like a Mini-Firehose of Free Books?


Want a Mini-Firehose of Free Books? Instafreebie giveawayGiveaway: Would You Like a Mini-Firehose of Free Books?

Just asking for your help.

This is a copy of an email I sent out today to those who are on my list and said it was OK for me to contact them. (Of course, I’ve tweaked it for you.)

And then I thought – hey, there’s probably other people who want to hear about this who read my blog.

You probably know me by now, from these emails or from my books. (Or reading my blog.)

So you know I work hard to get the universe around us figured out and boiled down into useful small bits we can put to use. The reason is to improve our lives.

I’ve found three core datums that guide just about everything:

  1. We become what we think about.
  2. You get only as well as you give.
  3. You can always find what you are looking for.

Test those for yourself, of course. And word them however they make best sense to you.

And you’ll see these all in what I’m about to give you…

– – – –

The problem I have today is an opportunity. For you and for me.

I started an Instafreebie book giveaway and don’t have enough authors and books in it. 

So I’m going to do something different – I’m going to giveaway my books (and the ones I’ve asked others to contribute) and keep adding books each day or the next ten days.

And then take them all down.

You don’t have to sign up for anything. Practically, you already have, since you’re getting this.

All I’m doing is to get as much of the data I have made available to everyone I can. For a limited time. 10 days, actually.

Here’s the link:

But the catch is – you need to visit that link daily to make sure you get all the offers.

Just for you: What are the books I’ve published that you want copies of? 

Reply to this email, and I’ll put them up in the giveaway – for you and everyone.

(If you don’t have my email, sign up on the form beside this or below, and I’ll send it to you – just send me a reply to any you get.)

And that means I’ll be putting more than one new free book up every day.

For the next ten days, counting from now. Ends midnight the 22nd.

Every day, new books are being added.

Yes, that means selecting from any book I’ve ever published. You only have to ask. Go ahead and search any of the book outlets who have carried my books (especially and I’ll put that book up for free if you simply ask me to.

What do you think about this?

Again check out the link: and then check it daily.

You may not want to be bothered by this. I understand completely.

The people who don’t open this won’t be bothered.

And if you don’t click, you won’t be bothered.

If you want to take a chance on this offer, then I’ll be in touch again.


So: check out the link: and let me know by email what other books you want me to give you. Free.



PS. Of course, that link is only good as long as the giveaway lasts. So, visit today. It will all be gone sooner than you or I want.

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