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Plans, Projects, Fiction Writing – While God Laughs

Plans, Projects, Fiction Writing - While God Laughs

Plans, Projects, Fiction Writing – While God Laughs

While Man Plans, Got Laughs.” Old saying.

Just a thought to bring you up to date on everything that’s rattling around in my mind.

I’ve often suggested here that you always play the long game in everything you do. This is true for becoming a writer – one that actually makes a living from writing and publishing.

And I’ve been at this writing business since 2000, and been enjoying financial freedom from it for over half a decade by now.

The current fiction writing is something I picked up to acid test my own non-fiction in the real world.

It was also because I’d wrapped up all the research I’d needed into self-improvement.

So this current “Great Fiction Writing Challenge” tests both how to get books written and published profitably, and also tests all I’ve boiled down in the area of self-help to make sure they work.

The trick is to do this all in a single year, where most people spend about a decade at least in fiction before they really start to get any traction. (Go ahead, look up J. K. Rowling, and all the other authors who were “overnight successes” and you’ll find they were writing for years before they got any breakthrough. While Thoreau and Herman Melville and a lot of others were only really well-known after they died.)

This year is devoted to fiction writing, publishing, and promotion. Researching anything that doesn’t make sense and writing all this up as I go. Meanwhile, writing two short stories a week, with th eaim of getting a hundred (100) stories published this year. (In fiction alone, I’m at 59 stories/books – including collections – and just over half way through the year, so we’re OK right now.)

Next year, I plan to “only” write one fictional short story each week in order to have time to compile courses that leverage all the data I have in writing, publishing, and promotion.

I’m also going to build a series of blog posts, books, and courses on sustainable farm-living, based on “Five Acres and Independence” by M. G. Kains.

Because the overall scene for this site, and why it was named Living Senical from the start, is to give you a viable system for you to use that will help you be, do, and have anything you want in life.

The elements of that system are:

  • Mind (knowing yourself),
  • Body (living healthy),
  • Value (giving valuable material to others in exchange for their support), and
  • Bliss (knowing and following your own basic purpose.)

Writing and publishing is simply part of having and running a valuable business. And a content-based information business allows you to work and live pretty much anywhere you want, which means you can have a quality lifestyle and your own financial freedom.

The decade or so I’ve spent in sorting out the huge area of self-help is all there waiting for me to build and market the courses based on the books I’ve written, compiled, and (re-)published already.

Next year will be devoted to laying out how to have a small acreage where you can live sustainably, eat healthy food, and enjoy the peace that Nature brings you openhandedly.

Along this line, I’ll be publishing a huge set of articles from Earl Nightingale, where he can again start giving you regular tips about how to find and follow your own bliss through life. As close as I can to duplicating his “Our Changing World” program, but only online in print to begin with.

The year after that – I don’t know right now. I know I’ll keep up the fiction writing, but these courses will also keep building as I find other needs people have. (There is a course I need to create on managed grazing for cattle, but that’s not widely needed by a lot of people. I imagine my weeks will be cut into four parts to push forward the complete system above.

Anyway, that’s about where we are and where we’re heading.

And as usual, subscribe to my email list and ask me anything. I’m only here to help.

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