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Prolific Works’ Advice for Fiction Writing Emails

Prolific Works' Advice for Fiction Writing Emails

Prolific Works’ Advice for Fiction Writing Emails

A recent email I got from Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie) was just too good to simply leave in some form that temporary.

This is their list of how to get started with giveaways – which then build your list, so you can send them emails. (Oops – got a bit enthused in the title for this article.)

So here is it is:

Giveaway Best Practices

Giveaways will be your main tool for building a network/audience of readers with Prolific Works.

While they are fairly simple tools, we’ve seen certain best practices emerge over the past 4.5 years of watching thousands of authors run thousands of giveaways.

Put the following tips into action, and you’ll be much more likely to see more readers downloading your books and joining your mailing list.

(Don’t worry, we’ll go over exactly what to do with your list – what emails to send, when to send them, etc. – later in this Series!)

Personal Giveaways

Make It Public: You are much more likely to attract readers and newsletter subscriptions if you create a public Reach New Readers giveaway, which are accessible by the entire Prolific Works community.

Go With Optional Opt-In: Optional opt-in giveaways (which give readers the option to opt-in to your mailing list when claiming one of your books) can also be found by readers via Prolific Works’s newsletter, social media, and homepage promotions. These promotions are not guaranteed – rather they are curated by our production team, who keep an eye out for authors who’ve been working hard to promote their work! (Mandatory opt-in giveaways are no longer included in our promotions.)

Start With Unlimited Claims And No Expiration: Unlimited campaigns (where an unlimited number of downloads are made available to the public) reach far more readers and generate far more sales than limited campaigns. While limited campaigns create a sense of urgency and can certainly spur readers to download, this usually works better for more well-known authors. The same goes for giveaway campaigns with expiration dates.

Personal & Group Giveaways

Join Multiple Giveaways: Just because you’ve joined one Group Giveaway doesn’t mean you have to wait until it’s over to join others! Many authors on our platform join multiple giveaways simultaneously. Doing so can give a big boost to your book claims and mailing list subscriptions in a short time. The only caveat to this is to avoid spamming your list with multiple emails about all the different giveaways you’ve joined. If you do join many at once, mention them all in the same email!

You can also enter the same book into multiple giveaways. If you’ve written a sci-fi thriller, feel free to join a sci-fi-themed giveaway and a thriller-themed giveaway with the same piece of content!

Don’t Skimp On The Cover: Despite the old saying, most people do judge books by their covers! Cover makeovers have doubled book sales for many authors. So, do your best to make sure your cover is attractive and relevant to your story and genre. The internet is FULL of useful information for both hiring cover designers and creating your own cover designs. Here are a few resources you can use:

Designing Your Own Cover:


Hiring A Designer:


Clean Up Your Description: Too often, we look through public giveaways, click on books shared to over a million readers on Prolific Works alone, and see descriptions full of typos, grammatical errors and cut-off sentences! If readers see these in your description, they’ll assume your book is full of them too, and will be more likely to move on to the next book available. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot folks! Clean up your descriptions before publishing them.

Don’t Just Share Full Books: Sharing previews, excerpts and sneak peeks can build hype, get your name and work out there, attract an audience and boost sales of an already finished book. Doing so also allows you to start building an engaged audience NOW, instead of waiting until you have a complete, fully polished novel to share. If you’ve got a rough draft going, dial in a few chapters, and share it as a Preview!

Share Exclusive Content: Making content exclusive to Prolific Works readers regularly increases claim rates by up to 10%!

Add “Back matter”: Back matter is content included at the end of your ebook to give readers something to do immediately after finishing your book. This is an important opportunity to turn a new reader into a loyal fan! You can include a sneak preview of upcoming work, a thank you note, links to your website, blog or newsletter sign-up page, or information on where to download/buy more of your books.

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