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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 47 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 47 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 47 Results

NaNoWriMo Completed in 21 Days! And published on the 22.  As I point out below, you probably can’t get there from where you are – unless you want a challenge…


Published Words Fiction:

– free – 0 (Own Site)
– paid – 85532 (D2D, Amazon), 0 (Medium)

Published Words Non-Fiction:

– free –3895
– paid – 2496 (Medium)


New Instafreebie/PW: 191
New Others: 0
Overall Total: 3705

Book sales this week:

Amazon – 15, Draft2Digital – 3, Gumroad – 5 = Total Week’s Fiction Sales – 23 (Thanksgiving.)

Books (pre-)published this week:

Aggregate Production:

Total fiction books published this year: 119
Total short stories published as individual ebooks: 91
Total anthologies published: 27 (plus two 200+ page books)
Countdown to 100 published short stories: 9 in 5 weeks
(100 total short stories, plus around 7 more anthologies for 34 total – 136+ original books published in a single year.)

Somehow, my count fluctuated – so I still need to crank out two per week for the rest of the year.


Main point is that I won NaNoWriMo in under three weeks. And published 9 books (short stories, each over 32 pages long and in paperback) plus the final anthology one day after I was verified by their auto-checker.

The whole story is found here.

Upcoming Study of Subscribers

I’ll have a couple more giveaways completed under the Verified Organizer where I’m able to collect subscribers as an organizer – we’ll see how these pan out. I’m suspecting that they will be a lower efficiency rate.

One I set up for just free members has 230 opt-ins out of 1199 claims, a miserable 20% conversion. But – I’ve got 230 out of just IF/PW promoting this giveaway (only one of the free authors promoted, and he visited 6 times to claim 6 books.) It has only 14 books in it, so that’s really not too bad.

Another giveaway has 37 Mystery Books in it, and has 8713 claims. 494 subscribers (.06% – Turns out my link was wrong, so I got no credit for my own claims. )

I have more coming up, as well as few left over from before I was verified – as these are going months in advance to fill up with lots of books.

In general, my strategy as an organizer is to put all possible books into my own giveaway once it starts to get all possible subscribers. No one has ever complained about this. Don’t see why they would.

This system is pretty much mapped out now, and I can do it in minimal time each week. Which is good, as I’m heading into other areas shortly.

The Kickstarter/Launch Conflict Continues.

This free training has turned out to be quite demanding on getting homework done. But I still see no more reason to do a kickstarter than when I began. So this is giving me some resistance building up against the whole training process – as I’m having to build something I won’t be using. But burning time I could use elsewhere. With NaNoWriMo done, this will hopefully just sink into the last couple of lessons and we’ll be done. (One thing I am learning is how to not run a course. Being forced into using a social network platform

The model that seems most efficient is to simply write short stories and then “launch” the anthology while it’s in pre-order. Even a single 6K story every week would give you four 300-page books, and running a regular promotion for these every time. If you are recording them right along, you can giveaway the audio version as an incentive, plus your commentary that you record weekly as a podcast. Easter eggs, cutting room floor material, all that.

That will probably be the model that I’ll work on this coming year. It means a bit more work on the backend, but if you do this all right along, then you’ll have everything ready for the bonuses to get people to pre-order your book. You crank out the book/audio/podcasts, and then put the anthology on pre-order and mention it to your list every week or two. As well as every podcast and podcast interview you’re doing.

Right now, I don’t have all this audio laying around. But can have, pretty simply. As well, when you’re doing the audio, its another proof for your book.

What’s Next?

I have too many ideas for fiction books now – with that tap pushed wide open.

But I’ll throttle it down to one per week, and make sure I get my remaining ones done. (If I do start having some free time, I’ll simply crank the rest out to be done with them.)

Because I have to do a wrap up of this year’s challenge. It needs to become a book and probably a course – with audio.

We’ll see – now that I still have 9 books to crank out, things may become a bit tight again (especially with the distractions of Christmas.)

Last Week’s To-Do’s:

  • Emails out. DONE
  • 3 last short stories in Hooman Saga (One, plus the Anthology)
  • (Vacation from PW’s Kickstarter training – their plan.) DONE
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. (New cow this week, a Dexter.) Yes, she is a beauty, and we’re actually saving money by milking our own and turning it into cottage cheese and yoghurt – plus, we sell the calf, and buy another to nurse off the extra milk.

This Week’s To-Do’s:

  1. Two new short stories
  2. Emails out
  3. Another Kickstarter Lesson
  4. Compile the 48 weeks of text into a single document and start digesting the lessons learned from this challenge.

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