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Writing Fiction: Why You Write and Publish Books

Fiction: Why We Write and Publish

Writing Fiction: Why You Are Writing and Publishing Books

The reason for publishing books has to do with what’s real and what’s actual.
Most people don’t understand the difference between what’s real and what’s actual.
Real is what you’ve been told all your life. Actual is what you’ve tested for yourself to be workable, to be true for you.
This is the latest result of exploring the subject of writing fiction.
The reason for this research is to find more about the human condition. We already have the handbook for the 5 percent who are the real makers and shakers of our world. Nothing to do with politicians or “influencers” around us. Almost all of these are simply following someone or several others. The 5 percent don’t particularly are concerned with followers. They deeply care about everyone around them, even if they don’t show it well.
That’s because most of human interaction is based on conventional wisdom.

Most emotional responses are the result of programming, by what we’ve experienced and who we’ve had around us. Releasing (letting go of anything non-optimal) starts sorting out feelings from emotions. And helps you realize your own responsibility in creating them.
That’s the trick to this universe. When you are responsible for your choices, you can change them at will. And that affects your beliefs and so create what you consider facts around you.
Fiction is a study because this is how people try to learn their emotional programming.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was a great serial production (and had its flaws.) Each of the 45-minute shows is hardly more than a short story or novelette/novella. By studying any series which were popular for many seasons, this then gives an overview of humanity. Writers and producers can screw up shows. Popular shows show they did something right. “Right” is how well they mirror the conventional wisdom people have already accepted.
Studying current and classic TV and movie fiction gives us a positive feedback loop on our culture. It’s another way to learn how the plots and descriptions and all the details that people find entertaining. Entertainment is how people learn.
Funny enough, the same phenomenon that authors use to receive their inspired ideas is the same way people take their entertainment. They just let go and receive, using the same mental bandwidth authors use to create it.
What flows through that line is simply something alive. (See Chris Vogler “The Writer’s Journey”) And per Vogler, you feel a good book. It resonates through your glands and gives you physical reaction. That’s when everything works together in a story with the pacing, and conflict, and characters, etc.
A good serial story will keep you engaged and wanting more. And so I’ve been “binge-ing” on Buffy episodes. And got caught up into the emotional reactions more than once.
Chasing back to what caused it brings back responsibility for creating it.
The key to successful writing is Joy. Much as the single goal we all share is Happiness (per Cook’s “Plotto.”) That’s probably the single connection that brings the author and their readers. The core of any good story is “goal opposed.” The reason for so many stories is perhaps to figure out the various possible solutions through virtual episodes.Invalid Password.
More than likely, since no one person could view or read all those stories, the real point is to reconnect people to their basic purpose and help them feel alive and whole. (Other than somehow we are all connected and share our experiences on a basic level, a real possibility if you follow Napoleon Hill.)
Regardless, your job in this is to find joy in your life, to constantly seek happiness, to recognize the setbacks to your goals as part of the journey.
Writers should be finding joy in everything they write in order to bring more joy to their readers. Simple.
Now you know.

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