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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 02 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge - Week 02 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge: Week 02 Results

Some progress, not as I’d planned.


  • Written words – 4238 (that I can legitimately account for)
  • Published words (free) – 25434 (8412 were fiction.)
  • Published words (paid) – 0 (despite best intentions)
  • Subscribers – 9:  Aweber – 2, Mailerlite – 2, MailChimp – 1, Rainmail (own site) – 4
  • Book sales – 0 (again, nothing new published, so nothing to sell.)
Main summary is that my editing and publishing doesn’t mean I’m not writing, but that time is resulting in published works. I did manage to get 2 fiction works out. And have several more to go.

Again, the primary point is to simply get in the daily writing and reading. Follow that with promotion. I don’t have any problem writing. The points coming up are two: writing fiction, and publishing whatever I write. It seems I wrote more this week, even with publishing all these posts.
I write with Google Docs from my tablet or smartphone, since I can write without getting out of bed or having to turn on any lights. Not too oddly, Google Docs runs best from an Android device or Chrome. On there, I have 2602 words in about 6 documents, but I can’t tell when I wrote them, just when I accessed them last. My folder just for original fiction tells me about the same. Those are mostly text files, some LibreOffice docs. And I didn’t access any of them in the last week.
This all brings up accountability again, why I’m writing this weekly account at all.
I need to focus better.

Plans and Ideas

I think a calendar, kept daily, might be better. I have one, but haven’t kept it up, except for last week when I marked it. When to mark it is probably right after lunch, when I’m interrupted from everything and am prone to get into email and other business activities. These are numbers printed out with a wax pencil on a wipe-off 365-day chart. It has one number on it. I think that was words written for last week – have to look it up.
An idea to add to this is a simple paper calendar where I can do three marks on it daily – whether I wrote (fiction), whether I read, and whether I promoted. Keep this up and then I’d keep this accountability in, and be able to see what I need to do.
Promotion as a habit can be built by looking for three promotion actions to do that day. To start with, I’ll note if I did any promotion. Of course this blog post is one. Mailing my list is another. I’ve also signed up for HARO and it would take only minutes to open these emails daily and see if I can help a reporter in any way. Gradually, I can work into getting podcasts going.
That brings up recording. My model is to have the audio ready for publishing at the same time I have the text versions ready. And one of the stops on getting new fiction published is that I haven’t recorded it. So I need to simply pull that mic out and have it ready for recording at any time. The more I do, the better I’ll get at it. Probably need to do this daily to catch up.
More about that this next week.


Other than farmwork, my schedule is mostly to write in the early am, do my business in the afternoon, and read or watch DVD’s in the evening. Often I’ll try to get other work done in the evening if the DVD is running (and not too interesting.) I need to get into just reading.
All my editing and book reviews, the two courses I’m taking as workshops from D. W. Smith, and my recording needs to be done in the afternoon.
So we’ll work to get those time slots clarified and solidified.
Do check out the posts this week about writing. I’ve mostly caught up on the non-fiction publishing now. The two I did yesterday will count for next week.
Also slated for this week is the research and write-up of where you can submit short stories as paid works. I’ve got these open as tabs on my browser, waiting for me to do the boil-down and write-up. There are also year-end summaries of how-to hints that some authors have come out with. That will need to be another post. But not at the  expense of writing and publishing paid fiction.

Coming this week:

  • An email broadcast, putting all subscribers over to Mailerlite so I don’t duplicate mailings.
  • Probably publish the rest of the original fiction to non-paid outlets.  Getting that work-up of where to post fiction short stories for money would help this.
  • I’m caught up on my non-fiction work, but as above I’ll wind up with at least four non-fiction posts this week.
  • I’ll start answering my HARO emails if there’s anything to contribute.
  • And start recording regularly to get this into a workflow. (Just pulled the mic nearer my face to keep this emphasized.)
  • And there is another project, to make a bundle on Instafreebie that promotes my three courses on Thinkific, which are all based on books.
Plenty to do, as usual. Meanwhile, it’s going to be warm enough this week to start some fencing projects for my cattle (who love to scratch their necks on barbed wire and tear up things with their rubbing.)
Hope your own week is enjoyable, and not too exciting.

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