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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 06 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge - Week 06 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 06 Results


Written words –
Fiction: (5 out of 7 days)
Writing: As published below – (5 days out of 7)
Published words (free) –
Fiction: 33984
Non-Fiction: 5579
Published words (paid) – 43,948 new non-fiction book. (Get your copy here.)
Subscribers – Aweber: 3, Mailerlite: 2 new/52 imported, MailChimp: 0, Rainmail (own site): 5 = 7/52
Instafreebie – 0
Book sales – 0 (again, nothing new published, so nothing to sell.


Emphasis on Habits

The core points right now are getting in the three habits: Writing, Reading, Promotion.
The efforts I worked on this last week was to get 7 days of fiction writing in, and I got close. I also got busy publishing my stacks of backlogged fiction writing. 10 stories, which included those from this week. So, overall successful.
The combined words published is nearly 40K on my blog and another 43K as a book (I’ve been working on since the fall, and is the background to this challenge. You’ll here more about this soon.)

And I finally got happy with a book that is the basis for this challenge, “How to Stop Feeding the Beast” and this is on pre-order everywhere, and available through iTunes and Playster via PublishDrive.

Publishing Necessary to Promotion

That isn’t necessarily obvious. And certain hucksters will say that you can get media and start promoting your book before you finish it. Of course, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, as you want to immediately sell books. Of course you could simply be looking or subscribers, and willing to give them a partial piece of your work to date.
That core reference “Stop Feeding the Beast” (members get a free copy above) covers this point. You should be writing and reading daily. You should be promoting daily and setting up to be publishing weekly. (The difference between these two is that many of these publishing processes are more efficient when done in batches.)

Subscribers Are Next Emphasis

While I still need to improve these habits and lock them down into more efficient patterns, the key point is to improve my subscription rates and make these investments start paying for themselves. This is why I check on Instafreebie weekly. The next point, now that I have a lot of stories published, will be to get these up on the booksellers and give away some limited sets of these via Instafreebie to really launch my audience.
There is more to do on Wattpad, Medium, Goodreads, and LibraryThing (in that order) but you have to have your entry lines in order for your audience to go somewhere.
This is also the same argument of publishing and getting a decent backlist there. You want to build an audience that can keep up with your production – and will be buying your new books as they come out.
The strategy is to Build backlist – Get Subscribers – Mail to these subscribers – Build Loyal audience.  Our habits need to be rock solid on the three R’s. Our lines have to be established to accept and attract subscribers. These and their followers become our audience.
Once you have and are building your backlist and subscribers weekly, then you would work on the broader areas of uber-readers on Wattpad, Medium, etc. Goodreads and LibaryThing giveaways will be more possible with a decent backlist and subscriber opt-in channels.
Bigger Backlist -> Efficient Subscriber Channels -> Broader Audience Reach.

How to Escape Feeding the Beast

The main point here is that Amazon is set up to constantly feed the uber-readers with new books. And so they simply dump everything after it’s had 30 days of sales, then dump it again after the 60-day mark, and finally dump it again after 90-days. That means it quits promoting it through their site and emails. And replace it with newer books.
The sensible tactic is to write short and publish long. Meaning that you write short stories and publish them on pre-order a week apart, once you have your first one up. So you have a new book coming out every single week by that author and preferably in that series and genre. As these collect, you also publish them in box sets, again on pre-order. You get another 90-days of promotion through Amazon on pre-order, and you can also do other merchandizing through the other online booksellers, particularly Kobo.
I’m going to start publishing each chapter of this book, along with its audio, so you can see how this all fits together. And then is will also be made available as a course. (And I’ll probably need to do a slideshow and webinar on this as well. Nothing like having a few extra back-burners to fill.)
This site and this challenge is a test of what I uncovered in the research for this book. I’m putting all that I just found to the acid test.

Upcoming Plans for This Week

Again, finish publishing what I already have, and finishing up anything that doesn’t seem a good story.
While I really should record all of these as singles and publish them to Findaway, I may forego that in order to simply get them out. (An interesting benefit of publishing them individually to my blog is that I already picked out the cover artwork to fit into a template.)
I’ll need to write, edit, proof, record, and publish daily. That’s the trick I’ll need to fix this week. That’s why I’m looking at simply letting these others go for now. (Mainly, I’m being nagged by a couple of short reads that need final editing, and recording. I’ll then publish these all in a piece, and the chapters will come out as short stories individually as well. Together, they are just over 40K and quit right on a massive cliff hanger as both heroine and hero are separately at risk.) Having finished a couple of DW Smith workshops this week, I’m reviewing this data and testing it on this unreleased material.
I think I’m done with craft studies for now, except to review all the lectures and workshops I’ve already completed, as well as my other notes.
One nagging point to tell you about (although it is part of another longer blog post) is that there is no one-size-fits-all. While all the top writers are pantzers (excepting Patterson, who has his own model with his co-writers) there is no one way to get your inspiration and put this on the page. My own process is still developing, and will become a blog post on its own – at some point when the dust has settled.
  1. Broadcast out to my existing list. (Separating these out by segments for the next week.)
  2. All possible stories published to this blog and to online booksellers. Saving audio book recording until later.
  3. Those two novella’s revised, edited, and proofed (including audio) and published to all possible book outlets.
  4. Study Instafreebie to start increasing my subscriptions. Implement these with these published books as possible.
  5. Update PR page on this site so I can contact some needful radio/podcast interviewers.
  6. Two broadcasts written and sent, taking half of my lists.)
  7. Lay out Brande Course with blog posts promoting this.
The first three are the key ones to work on, the rest are to be fit in the cracks.

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