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Writing & Publishing: Building Audience With Avid Readers

Writing & Publishing: Building Audience With Avid Audience

Writing & Publishing: Building Audience With Avid Readers

(This write-up is different from others I’ve done. Mainly because researching these are all tied together. There are many good articles describing how to utilize these social media to build audience. And no real need to paraphrase them here. So I’ve just put a list of links I’ve found after these short notes so you can read, test, and conclude as you see fit.)

The mindset I’m coming from in finally investigating social media for authors is to build audience by finding uber-readers. (The people who are constantly reading and needing to find new books and new authors.)

Uber-readers are the ones you want on your “also-boughts” on Amazon. Because they are generally connected to each other and will push your book up Amazon’s charts. Since Amazon is generally 50% of your sales, it makes sense to go where they are looking. (This idea came from Chris Fox’ “Six-Figure Author”)

In searching these out, I found the common term used was “avid reader.” (Fox uses “serial reader.”)

The point of each of these sites as social media is to get more eyeballs on your works. These four are the places where avid readers seek out new fiction and lists of books to read.

General approach to any/all social media is: Allot and time yourself. Use a 30-minute egg timer. Do 30 minutes on each site once a day. Period. This includes your research into using it. Answer your Instafreebie emails maybe twice a day, as these are fast. And you’re done. No Facebook, no Twitter. Have IFTTT syndicate your blog posts to them. As Tim Grahl points out: your own use of social media doesn’t sell you many books. Other people sharing your books on social media might.

  • Authors should spend all possible/needed time writing.

  • And a similar amount of time reading.

  • Promotion is all done in the other third of the day.

Wattpad Overview

The general success on Wattpad is: first publish your book (wide) and then serialize it on Wattpad, with ( links to where they can buy the book at the beginning and end of each book in the author’s notes.

The simple approach to Wattpad is here:

Follow those advices. Period.

See also “The Ultimate Guide to Wattpad for Authors” as linked (PDF.)

Some key points from this:

  • Complete your full profile, as in all social media.

  • You shouldn’t post to Wattpad until you have at least a complete first draft (as your followers want weekly installments in a serialized format.)

  • Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings are the most popular times for reader activity. So post ahead of this.

  • Put author’s notes before and after chapters. But KISS (Keep It Short and Simple.)

  • Read as well as write. This is probably better on their app (although it has required ads.)

  • You can enter your work into competitions using the ‘Community’ dropdown menu. (Like the annual Watty’s.)

  • Sharing your Wattpad chapters Google+ will get you higher ranking in Google searches.

Goodreads, LibraryThing, & Medium Key Points

On Goodreads, you should get into their author program:

(Like this: )

Follow the links on the side menu to work all this out.

LibraryThing has benefits for publishers (and also author pages:)

Medium can and should be used by Fiction Writers:

Wattpad for Avid Readers Ultimate Guide to Wattpad for Authors

More on Avid Readers, Goodreads, LibraryThing

Goodreads Giveaways

LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program/Giveaways

Using Medium For Fiction

Other links from my 5-year-old and recent research:

And Luck to all of us…

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