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Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 24 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge - Week 24 Results

Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 24 Results

Subscribers still steadily growing. Some from free ebooks as lead magnets. Some breakthroughs in writing production…


Published Words Fiction:
– free – 0
– paid – 22715

Published Words Non-Fiction:
– free – 3366
– paid – 0


Mailerlite: 241, MailChimp: 3, Instafreebie – 359

– New Total: 2025 (had to jump up to my next range on Mailerlite…)

Book sales this week:

Amazon – 0, Draft2Digital – 5, Gumroad – 1 = Total Week’s sales – 6

Books published this week:

Story Hunted:
The Ghost Who Loved:

Analysis & Notes:

Subscribers rolling in steadily, average of nearly 40 per day.

I’ve been promoting my IF author sign-up list to all my completed giveaways to build this up. And this is getting signups – which is more networking. This list also gets a weekly email as I have something to share, telling them my upcoming giveaways. These are also on a page on my site: – If forums weren’t so time-intensive to get going, I’d set these up for them to be part of it and cross-exchange data. Probably ask them to send me links and giveaway data so I can put those on this page. I only send very tight data to these people, not salesy or anything (other than giving them a book on IF data.)

I’m setting up a private giveaway which will feature on my Free Books page, just with my Writing-Publishing How-To books. Another test.

I’m also getting ready to set up an ARC section, and perhaps making my books available through IF as ARC copies while they are on pre-schedule. I’ll sort this out this week and implement it for the next update. That would solve the problem of having books that don’t make it to through the system by the time I update the page. Pre-orders are probably the way to do this, and more than likely figuring out how to put a lag on thse books without slowing up my output. I think my collations (below) will give me this staggered leap to implement this.

Writing had a breakthrough this week. While I wrote and published four stories the week belore, this last week had “only” three books worked up fully from scratch. It took me four days, as one simply wouldn’t complete. All of these are over 6K words, meaning I spent most of those four days on just these. Most interesting is that they all dealt heavily with death – but as two were from the Ghost Hunter series, that’s to be expected. The fun one was Story Hunted, which was a piece of weird fiction, sitting right inside the mind of the author and actually tells how the story worked up as I wrote it. You’ll see that I resisted making it into a horror (as I am not interested in this genrs) although it is a mystery, but it turned into a romance by the end.

Collations are due this next week. I have several to create:

  • Ghost Hunters Anthology 2,
  • New Voices 003,
  • And probably collections for all four authors of what they’ve produced this first half.

So that’s 6 books I can crank out this week.

Now in this, I have to finish up the Ghost Hunters Salvation first half and compile that book out of its parts. So potentially, I have seven books to create and publish. All of them also become paperbacks, in addition to finding the books (like Harpy) that just edge over the line into being published that way. (Harpy took me most of two days to write, BTW, but was a late start due to editing on Story Hunted.)

That means I can publish 3 and put 3(4) on pre-order. If I work to get those collations done early this week, then I’ll be free to do my new writing toward the end. The Ghost Hunters Salvation would be best to build out to finish things up. So those will be the pre-order books.

As I do pre-orders, I’ll then make ARC copies available, hopefully making their opt-ins required and so building my ARC list.

Editing is simplifying. I simply edit it into shape and then read and note fixes on my smartphone. It turns out that about three read-throughs quit finding obvious errors. Just have calibre create the epub from either the text or LibreOffice file, import to my smartphone and I’m set. The difference in the screen allows me to focus on each work rather than slip into scanning.

This post is short this week as I have next year’s hay delivery coming some time soon, and that will cut at least a day out of my other production.

A note on Medium/Wattpad. While not this week (due to the length of the list below) I will be working up a way to get this done. Fridays are always conflicted with writing new stories. So I’ll probably start publishing on Tuesdays, as I’m sending out to my lists and usually aren’t in the middle of new writing. (See my earlier notes on why Friday was a key time.)

To Do This Week:

– New fiction: wrap up Ghost Hunter Salvation (probably a few chapters) Part I and publish.
– Collate New Voices 003
– Collate collections by pen name – Marpel is last, depending on GHSI above.
– Publish 3 collections
– Pre-order 3 other collections and also put them on pre-order.
– Pre-order GHSI and make this an ARC copy as well.
– Publish all possible long ebooks as paperbacks as well and order proofs.
– Catch up on all existing proofs to get these live on Amazon, etc.
– Look around to see if I can’t combine some other short stories to push some ebooks over into paperback range.

Whew. But if you look at how much of this is simply the simple editing job of assembling earlier books, it’s not that hard, actually…

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