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Self-Publishing: You Have An Instafreebie Book Feature – Now What?

Self-Publishing: You Have an Instafreebie Book Feature - Now What?

Self-Publishing: You Have an Instafreebie Book Feature – Now What?

Death by Advertising - New Fiction Writing - J. R. KruzeJust got this email from Instafreebie Production:


We selected your book “Death by Advertising” to be featured on our blog, email, and social media on 7/3/18, as well as on our homepage for the week! Our readers go crazy for featured books so remember to share and spread the word!

Maximize your Promotion:

  • Share the blog link with your fans through email, social media, and your website. Your fans will want to share in the excitement!
  • Monitor that day to connect directly with readers thanking you!

So what does a featured book mean?

Lots of promotion. They have well over 300,000 subscribers on their list. And lots of traffic on their site.

So it’s a bit like having a one-week giveaway all on one book. And all the twitter and facebook stuff that they do. (Of course I don’t really believe in social media or tooth fairies or Sasquatch, especially as I’ve not seen a lot of books claimed or sold that way – but it’s free promotion, so who am I to “cast a gimlet eye?”) Mainly, it’s that huge email list. That should mean a ton of subscribers. Or at least a lot more.

It’s an interesting selection, since its also one of my most-claimed books from all my giveaways.

Obviously, as this is a couple of weeks away, I’ll have to do some updates on what happened after this point.

What did I do next?

A. Checked the book content – 

I made sure that the book that I was giving away was completely updated and very clean.

The additional things you want in every book on Instafreebie or elsewhere is that they can opt-in to your mailing list, and have a set of hot-links to buy additional books by the same author from anywhere. Your book, every book, should be a lead generator for selling your backlist.

As I’ve covered elsewhere, I’m a big fan of Direct2Digital and have them format and distribute my books wide. Checking the design of the book showed that I’d evolved quite a ways since I’d written that book early on. So I took out my old hand-made list of book titles from that time, cleaned up the original book’s formatting, and re-uploaded a new LibreOffice file so they could re-generate a new one. And I made sure to check all the add-on’s I could.

This updated the book with those I’d even written and published even this week, the entire list. And also added an opt-in so they could be emailed when another J. R. Kruse book comes out. Lots of goodies.

Then I made sure to upload those files (epub, mobi, PDF)  up to Instafreebie so the latest were up there.

(And made a note to go through my earlier books to update them all with the “related books” into every book I had up there, plus re-upload these updated books to Instafreebie again.)

I also found that I’d never gotten the book up for sale on my own site (where I make 90% royalties), so I got that done as well. (Click on the image above.)

B. Checked the description

Instafreebie only uses the copy you provide. Since it was getting claims, I didn’t want to change it much. But I read it over carefully for typos.

Then – checked out the ending… You have 800 characters there, and it simply cuts off too many. But you really need to use all of them. The main thing was to emphasize the extras – two bonus short stories. Reworded that.

Main thing I see missing in almost all descriptions (99+%) is a Call to Action (CTA) – “Claim Your Copy Now.” Tell them what they should do next. You’ve got them all excited about the story, drawn into it. Now tell them to go ahead and pick up one up. Simple, direct, classic marketing.

And that’s all I can do. Readers select based on cover and description. Period. No previews. Any inserted links don’t work, so that’s a waste of words. Make sure your links are live inside the book so they can subscribe to your list, find your other books. Here we are simply telling the hook of the story in 800 characters. Then tell them to claim it. Simple.

What should I be doing next?

Other than a lot of back-patting, I have a couple of weeks to wait. This post is going as a link on my Instafreebie resources page so there’s a record of this scene.

As Instafreebie likes the social stuff, I’ll probably log into their blog when it goes live and make a comment so people can reply to it. And I’ll retweet their tweets, and like and comment on their Facebook post (making sure to log out when I’m done.) And I’ll feature my book on my own site on the free books page so my list can get their copy and so on.

You’ll note that I used the Books2Read author and books page links everywhere I can. I’d made some changes, so these all needed to be updated and ensure that they linked to my email opt-in and Publishing Imprint pen name on Instafreebie (see the Errata sheet to see why I’ve moved from having individual Instafreebie pen name author pages (short answer: can’t make it pay for itself.)

So this is forcing updates that I need to get done meanwhile.

As well, I have more books coming out between now and then, some compilations that will also show up on that related book’s page.

Look for an update soon…

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