Friday, August 31, 2018

Cost Per Subscriber Lead – Instafreebie Free Book Giveaways

Cost Per Subscriber Lead Using Instafreebie Free Book Giveaways

I’m just passing 4,000 subscribers after 5 months of using Instafreebie on their lowest paid plan ($20 per month.)

That equates to about 40 cents per subscriber.

And I wondered – is that too high? Because I’d forgotten what Mark Dawson said in his podcast when he crunched these numbers.

So I went out to the Internet and found what the various industries are spending for lead acquisition:


Average cost per lead

So, I guess I’m doing pretty good, even as much as I’m concerned that these leads aren’t paying for the cost it takes to get them.

Now, I did finally find an interview where Dawson reveals what he’s paying to get those subscribers via Facebook ads to Amazon – from 15 cents to 25 cents. (

I could be in much worse territory. And I’ve still got some work to do. Especially in converting those free downloads into paid sales. But I’ve got some more ideas how to automate these…

You gotta love content marketing (and book publishing) for having some great leverage, regardless.

PS. You should really check out that podcast for what he got as income from his course – in just one year.

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