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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 34 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 34 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 34 Results

Steady on wins the day. Of course not everything gets done – but it’s the journey that’s more enjoyable – if you’re looking for it…


Published Words Fiction:
– free – 0
– paid – 16623

Published Words Non-Fiction:
– free – 2309
– paid – 0 (Medium)

Mailerlite: 12 (non-IF), MailChimp: 0, Instafreebie – 873
New Total: 3952 (nearly 4K in 8 months)

Book sales this week:
Amazon – 2, Draft2Digital – 11, Gumroad – 0  = Total Week’s sales – 13

Books (pre-)published this week:

Books In Progress

Total fiction books published:
66 (Should be at or over 68 by now to make 100 by year end.)


Busy. Guest coming in. Snarled in SNAFU with this hosting provider and email services. Cutting this short. (Membership headaches, if you must know.)

Sign up with the link upper right above – you’ll be on a new list and get at least one-time access to all the Advance Reader Downloads. One time – don’t press your luck. I’ll have to manually transfer your sign-up over to the memberships for now (nothing I’m looking forward to) until after I contact the help people to get this figured out.

But at least the membership is another big step forward…

Most of the analysis is that I’m spending more time writing and less time doing anything else.

Another bi-monthly New Voices anthology comes out (and goes onto pre-order) this week.

That and two more books will catch me up – I think.

In the middle of this, the IF Verified Organizer scene is producing far more subscribers than I thought – more on this next week. Check the Errata page for some updates on this (and other stuff)…

To Do Last Week:

2 or 3 books written and published. 

2 1/2. The last one is in progress, and I think it’s going to run long and complicated, much like the first one.

Get SL/PubD both into this loop, incorporating PubD versions into the Amazon/SL inputs.

Did another test with these, they are quite simple. The more you use them, the faster they process your books. Streetlib sends out nice little promo offers from Kobo these days. You give them the book you want featured, and they forward it. Of course, you have to use Streetlib as the aggregator…

Medium and Wattpad publishing for all the books this week.

Nope. Nothing. Big point here is to simply extend my publishing as I do it and encompass all of these in this order: D2D, Lulu, Amazon, Gumroad (own site) PubD, SL, Medium, Wattpad.

Find some time to get that ARC membership going and open the doors to it.

I wanted to post (and did) a behind-the-scenes preview of the book I started last night. That got me into wrestling with the membership this morning. Mostly to a limited (buggy) functionality until I get them sorted out.

How I’d Start Publishing Today (2nd Best Time to Start)

(I’ll have to come back to this to flesh these all out.)

0. Get a Copy of Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

Get a hard copy that you can dog-ear, underline, tab, bookmark, and highlight. Read it three times through from front to back. Re-read it from front to back at least once a year from there on out. You are in a content-based online business. This is your Bible (along with Pulizzi’s recommended “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.)

A. First Priority is Building a Back List of Titles

Get your reading and writing habits in solid. Crank out at least one short story every week. Then increase that. Use D2D in order to auto-update your “also wrote” lists in them as you crank them out.

B. Second Priority is Attracting Your Audience

Start off with posting your published books (wait until they are published through KDP) to Wattpad and Medium – in pieces (series and serials). Link to your published books (even if on pre-order) and your own site.

C. Third Action is Building Your List

Fiction authors should start by using the free plan from Instafreebie. Get on as many appropriate giveaways that you can find each week, and also start running giveaways on your own. Your list will build from the opt-ins inside your books. A long haul, for sure.

D. Fourth Action is Monetizing

Set up an advanced reader coalition. You can do this with as simple as a password-protected Blogger blog. Set up a list/group on your email provider, with an autoresponder giving the address and passcode. Change that passcode annually. That’s a start, anyway. More on this later. Again, get the “Content Inc.” book above and study the hell out of it.

What To Avoid In Publishing When Starting New

i. Social Media “Marketing”

ii. Freelance Publicists and Editors

iii. “Done For You” Vanity Publishing Scams

iv. Amazon Exclusives

To Do This Week:

  1. 2 new books, one anthology written/edited and published.
  2. Membership debugged and working properly.
  3. Full publishing recipe to all outlets including Medium, Wattpad.

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