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How I Train My Inspiration – Fiction Writing By Covers

Fiction Writing By Covers - Training Your Inspiration

How I Train My Inspiration – Fiction Writing By Covers


I’m a visual type of guy, so one of my methods for working up inspiration for new books is to get the cover created first. Then work up the marketing hook. Cover includes title, even though it might change. Put everything into Calibre, creating an empty book and importing the cover into that. Writing the marketing pitch starts the description.

Calibre generally starts with a default text file. Opening that, adding the title and pen-name, the copy/paste the marketing hook in there so I have a guide. (Yes, the marketing hook can change, but it’s a guide to start with.

The first chapter then starts with the story hook. And goes right along from there – the characters start telling your story and you just ask the right questions to keep them talking.

How Covers Bring You Story

For me, I like to look up images on – they are all public domain, and you can find a lot of great images there. Of course you should “buy coffees” and give attaboys, plus leave links to your books where you used their art. Things like that.

And to understand this better, check out this podcast:

Yesterday, I got onto a search for these. The more I looked, the more I found. And as I found them, I asked for obvious titles, and got snippets of the stories when I did. Situations, characters, etc. Here’s what I came up with, sorted by authors:

C. C. Brower

Moon Bride - by C. C. Brower  Moon Rebels by C. C. Brower  Moon Rebels by C. C. Brower  Moon Cleaner by C. C. Brower  Message From a Meteor by C. C. Brower  Lunar Dreams by C. C. Brower  Moon Queen by C. C. Brower  Blood Moon by C. C. Brower  Totem by C. C. Brower  To Touch the Sky by C. C. Brower  Moon Phase by C. C. Brower  Snow Gift 2 by C. C. Brower

S. H. Marpel

  Case of the Sunken Spirit by S. H. Marpel  Mystic - by S. H. Marpel  The Training: Tess - by S. H. Marpel  Sister Mine by S. H. Marpel  Harpy Redux by S. H. Marpel  WItch Mystery: Ruby - by S. H. Marpel  She Walks By Night by S. H. Marpel

J. R. Kruze

The Soul Sublime by J. R. Kruze  When Forever Calls by J. R. Kruze  The Dream That Wrote - by J. R. Kruze  Eliza by J. R. Kruze

NaNoWriMo 2018 Entry from Midwest Journal Press

Lifemind by Midwest Journal Press

Now, there are a lot of great stories waiting. I could tell you about all of them, as they each came with snippets.

C. C. Brower – except for a single story, this is all about the Hooman Saga – and might be enough stories there to wrap up Book Two, Part 2. If not, I’ll just fill in anything that’s missing. But this is going to be an anthology of sorts, I’ll probably work these up in some sort of chronological order and write them that way. Or not. But it would be easier editing if I did them that way. The exception actually takes off from where two stories have started out – in the snow. Then uses those as the first two chapters. Then the other chapters proceed alternating viewpoints – but that’s all I’ve got right now.

S. H. Marpel – has all Ghost Hunter mysteries, or are related to that universe somehow. (Even though the Lazurai stories have been crossing these universes up recently – and given one of their main characters abilities he will have to solve the mysteries in these…)

J. R. Kruze – The first three cover metaphysical ideas and writing about them. That last one, “Eliza” is about growing up genius (mainly because the artwork was just too engaging to waste, even though the artists didn’t leave enough white space for a title.)

NaNoWriMo – will be an anthology of its own, themed from the short stories written that month – and probably will include all of these authors, though Kruze and Marpel seem to be more appropriate. The trick with an anthology like that is to get the intro’s/transitions right.

Count Those Covers – But Don’t Expect 22 or so Books

Some still won’t make it. Not all inspirations come through. On the other hand, you may have seen how one story (“The Lazurai”) is now an 8-story compilation (“Tales of the Lazurai”) which involved four pen-names in building its anthology.

The thought here is really, “Don’t expect all these books to be born on time, on schedule, or like they are now. Expect these books all to be seeds in your garden, and to then produce far more new books than you expect.”

Your mind is a fertile garden. Plant your seeds, let them grow. Pick the story to write that week by the loudest voice, the prettiest flower, the heaviest fruit. Eventually, you’ll get around to all of them. But they have a say in when they are ripe.  So go ahead, cherry pick the ones that appeal to you most.

And there you have it. A non-how-to How-to.

My whole little system of coming up with inspiration – what I’ve trained mine to do.

If you want the rest of the links on this, they’re listed above.

Luck to all of us.

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