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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 38 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 38 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 38 Results

Distractions and diversions cut across some forward steps. Still got my two original books out, through…


Published Words Fiction:
– free – 0 (Wattpad)
– paid – 9801

Published Words Non-Fiction:
– free – 4992
– paid – 0 (Medium)

Mailerlite: 0 (non-IF), MailChimp: 0, Instafreebie: 236 ( down from 242, 363 and 848)
New Total: 4073 (earlier: 4046, 4247, 4193)

Book sales this week:
Amazon – 3, Draft2Digital – 0, Gumroad – 1= Total Week’s sales – 4

Books (pre-)published this week:

When the Crow Calls

The Girl Who Built Tomorrow

In Progress:

Caught up (except for the new covers mentioned below – that really don’t count…)

Total fiction books published: 79
Target: 100 short stories by year end.
Total short stories published as individual ebooks: 66
Total anthologies: 13


Note: Medium and Wattpad aggregate reads by the month, so I’ve dropped those out of the metrics above.

Distractions – Didn’t get to my Becoming A Writer Course or publishing to either Wattpad or Medium. Because I worked up a couple more non-fiction posts, got stuck into binge-watching a season of Angel – and then a critique of how that series was good until it wasn’t (added onto the Buffy critique, which is now over 4K words long – https://livesensical.com/secrets-buffy-vampire-slayer-writing-fiction/)

So I prioritized on getting those two books done this week. And was quite happy with them.

Promotional Podcasting – I do have to start a weekly podcast about the books I write, just to promote them. Because there are all sorts of links in these universes that don’t particularly show up anywhere, unless you know where to look. I don’t know how to fit this in with everything else. There is considerable set-up time required to build that template, and to also do the recording and editing. Probably after I get BAW into beta. But I also have to start digesting this year and write the book/course on what I’ve learned, publishing those probably December, so the audio may just have to wait.

There are a couple of simple interviews I can get going on, which I have to chase up. Phone interviews, not odd-ball “Facebook Live” thingy’s.

Great Conversion News – updated the link to all book opt-in’s to a dedicated landing page: https://www.subscribepage.com/NewBookReleases. The advantage of this is that this is run from an RSS feed and goes out every Tuesday at 9am local time. A nice professional landing page with form, courtesy of Mailerlite (and my sweat equity.) I’ll have to see if I can work up an A/B test on this. A major step forward.

This replaces a very clunky Mailchimp opt-in that had a non-editable button “Opt-in to this form.” Very inviting, wouldn’t you think? This landing page has three benefits on it, nice graphics, everything nice and pro-looking.

The trick on conversion is to set it up as soon as you can and then tweak it as you go. I have a write-up on a back-burner to get to you. It will also wind up in a book/course that should show up after I boil down this year of challenge in a couple of months. That will go the route of “Backwards Book Publishing” (book | course)

Freebie Seekers Don’t Quit – I’ve been simply deleting the people who continue to download books and never answer their emails. And figure this out – they have to actually opt-in, it’s not automatic. While I hate to simply unsubscribe them, I may have to. For now, I’m just manually importing the IF list for the last week to ensure I get everyone on the list. Somehow, I’m always missing some. Don’t know why, but it’s needed to become a regular weekly action.

Instafreebie Lack of Withdrawal Symptoms – I have a lot of these scheduled. But I’m down to checking about two or three times per week. Because spammers insist on sending me junk without reading the descriptions. I’ll get into them after this to see what I have live. And next week will be a simple revamping as a huge amount simply quit at the end of the month. Once I let all these go, I’ll be working on a test to get subscribers as a Verified Organizer, but sending people to my free accounts to get them through the ads inside. (Might have to add an additional incentive, such as another giveaway inside the book to get them to opt-in…)

But mainly, I haven’t missed the activity. I just quit working for them instead of concentrating on my own world. Particularly conversions.

Diversion Two Was Covers – this became a post on its own. I work with covers to get my inspiration. Always been visual-oriented. (See https://ift.tt/2MR4llu) I got into this line of pulling great artwork and then crafting a cover with title out of it.

In this week, I proved the model, as I got a great “steampunk” art piece (which was horribly cropped for any use at all, but beautifully executed.) I had an idea, and saw that this was closest to it. Set up a blank book and changed the title once I got started. Just over 4200 words, and a nice little ebook came of it (The Girl Who Built Tomorrow) – and my first steampunk short story, an alternate universe where women are still second-rate citizens, and still gorgeous and brilliant.

But that took a day of getting the covers created (22 of them!) and part of another day to write that up and post the article.

Still, though, I’ve actually set up enough stories for the Hooman Saga Book Two, Part Two. And updated the artwork on one of them (Moon Bride) today as I compiled this report.

When I picked up the half-written book from last week, this then opened up the whole world of the second part. And it’s a complete cliff-hanger all the way through. I’m going to have to write the next story this week just to not feel guilty of leaving that many strings open. Introduced two new characters to that world, and brought in one of the Lazurai to boot – which was the whole reason I pushed that series forward, even though it took all four pen-names (which tells you a bit of the scope involved, and why I had to compile that “Tales of the Lazurai” to hold that unique story line which comes out of the four different story universes.

Anthologies Coming Up:

  • End of October will have another New Voices – the fifth.
  • End of the year will have a new anthology for each author, and a New Voices 6.
  • Hooman Saga Book Two, Part 2 will be another.
  • There should also be another Ghost Buster Anthology.
  • Total: 8

I’ll probably take the whole last week of the year just to create anthologies, so out of 14 weeks left to this year, I’ll be able to write about 26 more short stories, plus those 8 anthologies, bringing my total books to 42+79=121 books, 92 short stories. I may work at getting those missing 8 books cranked out some way, just to round things up – 21 anthologies and a hundred short stories published. Something to work on in the middle of everything else.

To Do Last Week:

  1. At least two new shorts written. Yup
  2. Emails out per schedule. Yup
  3. One lesson in BAW Course updated. Nope
  4. LeanPub course setup reviewed. Nope.

To Do This Week: (Same targets again, mostly)

  1. At least two new shorts written.
  2. A book published through Medium and Wattpad.
  3. Emails out per schedule.
  4. One lesson in BAW Course updated.
  5. LeanPub course setup reviewed.


PS. Just to keep track of these things: My next book to port onto Medium and Wattpad turned out to be “The Hooman Saga: Book Two, Part One” which has about 29 chapters in the final version, just over 35K words. Right now, I pre-scheduled the first 5 chapters of this (Chapter 4 had to be split into two parts as was so long) and that will then have me back to Monday next week to continue this. And 10,337 paid words. I’ll do the same for Wattpad now, and just do these first parts. Tedious work, but should be rewarding. The idea is to post weekly, starting with the oldest material I have. This then gets any “competition” with Amazon out of the way. It also incidentally allows me to update these books and get them out to various places (such as my own site) and also spot the occasional oopsie proofing error.

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