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The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 42 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 42 Results

The Great Fiction Writing Challenge – Week 42 Results

Just finished another novella – four-parter with serious cliffhangers. Means five original books published this week (with its anthology) …


Published Words Fiction:

– free – 0 (Own Site)
– paid – 48152 (D2D, Amazon), 0 (Medium)

Published Words Non-Fiction:

– free – 2305
– paid – 0 (Medium)


Mailerlite: 4 (non-IF/ProlificWorks),
Instafreebie/PW:137 (from 103, 201, 206, 242, 363 and 848)
New Total: 3805 (earlier: 3740, 3877, 3985, 4073, 4046, 4247, 4193)

(Increase is from starting up giveaways again – my usual.)
(I’m no longer reporting Mailchimp as I can’t get weekly data from them. New subscribers will show up in the Mailerlite metrics as I import them.)

Book sales this week:

Amazon – 15, Draft2Digital – 5, Gumroad – 0 = Total Week’s sales – 20 (nice up-tick)

Books (pre-)published this week:


The Training: Tess

The Training: Sylvie

The Training: Star

The Training: Mysti

Aggregate Production:

Total fiction books published: 106
Total short stories published as individual ebooks: 87
Total anthologies published: 20 (+ 2 full books)
Countdown to 100: 13 in 11 weeks
Planned books: 6 through end of Oct, 12 through end of Nov (NaNoWriMo), 4 in Dec. = 22 (109 total short stories, around 7 more anthologies for 27 total – 136 original books published in a single year. Hell, I could even take December off, but I want to keep that habit in.)


Work completed was on a four-parter serial. This is in preps for NaNoWriMo, which is next month. Those will all be serials and I’ve set up their covers and sequence of writing. Different from my Hooman Saga Book One, this will be written in sequence, as that’s the way I can think with them – different from Bradbury’s approach (“Martian Chronicles, Illustrated Man.)

So there was no publishing to Medium, Wattpad.

I did get an interview done for “The Author Show” which will come out in a few weeks (and I’ll cross-post here.)

Next week, I’ll have a possible four-parter with witches in them. While there are four covers for this, I’ll have to start writing to see how they end up. No clue right now (my mind is still on the last book as I write this.) Another book could be added, just by converting an earlier version – with an added cliffhanger/teaser to start the next one.

There are also three J. R. Kruze books to fill in the last week before NaNoWriMo – and these aren’t expected to be serials, since that pen name doesn’t have a universe of recurring characters.

Brower (Hooman Saga II:2) will be the NaNoWriMo book.

Of interest, this set of books from this week might wind up crossing over into the Brower universe, as they are mostly outer space characters.

12 books scheduled for NaNoWriMo (3 per week), which will then convert to at least 50-75K as single books and an anthology. This week wound up with 24K words, but published at double that with the anthology. Proving that I could do NaNoWriMo in a couple of weeks if needed. Otherwise, it’s three books per week of 6K each, and I can quit if I make my target earlier and the pace is too thick.

After the 100 short stories are completed, I’m cutting back to just a short story per week and start doing analysis and preps for next years challenge. (Leaving me Dec to set up and prep that next challenge.)

That analysis will wind up creating a new non-fiction how-to book.

Medium/Wattpad Publishing

That was a sore point this week. And the idea coming up is to simply get back to publishing the Hooman Saga Book II:1 completely, then during NaNoWriMo to publishing Book II:2 live as I do it. (A delay to get it approved by Amazon first, which is about a day at this point. And is just to avoid their bots.)

Doing that sort of publishing is what I recommend right now. Builds your audience while you leverage all words published.

And will test out the audience for Brower books.

So at this point, I simply need to get this type of promotion into a regular habit. Like I’ve made and built my fiction writing into a habit.

Serials Are Simple

I didn’t realize how these were that way. But when I simply set up the titles, they then worked themselves out. This series/serial laid out four new characters to enter S. H. Marpel’s world. Each had their own personality and quirks, foibles. Interesting was that the characters helped sort this out. First character narrowly escapes the attack of the second. Main character brooks a peace. Those two go off and then a third nearly nukes a portion of the Southwestern US. MC saves her butt, only to find she is a sour character who would rather learn how to weaponize her talents with the other girls than walk pastures with him and “cuddle” like the others. But… they wind up all unconscious and the final new character arrives, only to also be at death’s door and has to be saved. Once he miraculously heals her, she then heals the other three by her own powers.

You simply always have a horrible cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter. If it ends well, then you invent a teaser that starts the hook of the next episode. Like TV series that run in parts and aren’t procedurals.

I’m still “back-of-my-mind” planning the Hooman Saga like this. Interestingly, this team I just built may solve a plot problem for that series – crossover/co-authoring potential. Looks like they may come in about Chapter 7, which is where the tide turns in the book (according to the Heroes Journey.) I’ve already written one story in this series, and this already has a bit of a teaser on it’s backside. (But won’t be part of the official count for NaNoWriMo.

As I sit here, I start seeing how the first few books will start up. Characters changing, new relationships developing. But – I’m two weeks ahead. I’d be better off working up how these witch stories for next week are going to go anywhere at all. Probably back to that one I already have that’s just sitting there again – add a teaser and then crank it through.

Some News on Kickstarter

There will be a webinar from Prolific Works (Instafreebie) tomorrow, and that should help lay out some details. Otherwise, I’ve been accepted into their kickstarter program. Of course, I do these differently than others, as I’m already prolific. If I can get everything set up with cover(s) and such, I’ll be able to probably start writing these much earlier. They have some weird thing about not publishing the book for 90-days after the Kickstarter is completed, so that will need to get sorted out. Because my habit is to write and publish the same day.

This kickstarter will work along the lines of what I learn from NaNoWriMo. If I can really crank out a full 300-page novel in a month, then getting out a finished book won’t be a problem. (All it will mean is a pause in my production for that month, then back to writing and publishing new stuff right after that. I’ll probably just write and then giveaway the PDF’s to those subscribing. The highest level will receive each PDF-book as I produce it. Others will get the first and second quarters of it as I go, and the full set of ebooks at the end – or something like that.)

The Three-Book Serial Writing Habit

Writing four short stories in a single week is a bit too much, even though only 20K per week would make a million words per year. But at three books per week, they should serialize between themselves, but will be a full quarter of the Hero’s Journey in a month. There are plot twists that happen at each quarter, so that serial will run right through for twelve parts.

Anyway, between last week’s serial and this one, I’m getting the hang of this. The main problem is that I didn’t do any marketing.

I’m planning how to make a six-part serial, rewriting the ending of a book I’d done earlier. This is a new universe under S. H. Marpel, “Witch Mysteries”. And setting up the habit of writing three 6K books each week will then set me up for NaNoWriMo and finishing The Hooman Saga.

(BTW, the characters I midwifed this week will be showing up in the later part of that book, just as one of the Lazurai is already part of the first episode.)

This NaNoWriMo will train me into writing full novels as I transition. Even though next year I plan only to write a single short story per week, as I have a ton of non-fiction to produce in lots of formats. (I will be producing these fiction short stories as audio, BTW, which then should prove that production concept finally.)

More Anthologies Coming Up

At end of October also sets me up for another New Voices anthology, and also an analysis of IF giveaways.

On top of that I see that October ends a week from tomorrow midnight. But I have four serialized books to write… So be it – and get that anthology out as well.  I need to be writing into NaNoWriMo starting mid week. So that will then go Thursday to Thursday as a week (with the livestock auctions I attend on Thursday, this will then push this particular report out on Thurs am.

And there is a Black Friday/Thanksgiving event on the third Thurs. With visitors at my house to cut wood as well.  Fun, fun, fun.

Last Week’s To-Do’s:

  • At least three new short stories written published. Yup
  • Fiction published to Medium and Wattpad. Nope
  • ARC page updated. Yup
  • Emails out. Yup
  • Keep up with IF/PW giveaways incoming. Yup
  • Invest any extra time in writing more. Yup

This Week’s To-Do’s:

  1. Three/four new short stories written as continuing serials.
  2. Emails out.
  3. Keep up with IF/PW giveaways
  4. Get half of the remaining Hooman Probe II:1 up on both Medium and Wattpad. (Then follow up with the remainder the last week in Oct.)
  5. Try some basic figure-out preps for NaNoWriMo

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